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  1. PRICES Prices reported on the price list can be subject to variations without notice obligation by Kilton S.r.l. New prices will automatically replace the previous. Even if ended by our Agents or Representatives, the orders can't be considered final until we have regularly acepted them in written form. Kilton S.r.l. reserve itself at every moment to affix improveing modifies to the product also in evetual current orders without informing the Customer.
  2. BILLING Billing will be maden with the prices in operation at the goods sending moment. For import orders lower than 150,00 euros a 20,00 euros overpricefor the operating expenses will be added to the customer.
  3. PAYMENT The customer has to pay in relations to the negotiated expiration date. In event of delay, for any reason, stakes will be added to a rate equal to the one of official discount in operation during the insolvency period increased of 3 points. The Company reserve itself the right of suspend in any moment the provision if perk up insolvencyes or overexposures in the Customer. Eventual disputes for goods defects or provision delayes in no way can bring reason of payment sales proceed suspension, except for the only damaged part pertaining to the dispute. Kilton reserve itself the right of require the prepayment at its final judgement.
  4. PACKAGING Packing is intended debited according to company tables. Dispensations are allowed but they must be clearly shown on the order form. Kilton S.r.l. reserve itself the right to change at any moment the kind of packing without warning the customer.
  5. TRANSPORT Other arrays excepted goods is on customer charge. Goods always travels at Customer risk and danger even sold at destination, remaining therefore eventual breakdown or dents during the travel at his burden, as the right to revenge on the means of carrying for the brought damage.
  6. DATE OF DELIVERY clearly expressed chances excepted, date of delivery are in workdays. Compenations are not expected in events that the the date of delivery is modified because of strikes, lack of raw material, uprising, natural disasters, accidents or acts of God. In chances up imdicated reductions or orders annulments. In those cases Kilton S.r.l. reserve itself the right of notify the date of delivery variation giveing proper previous warning to the Customer.
  7. COMPLAINTS Complaints of any sort must be notified from the Customer at the goods delivery, contending at himself only the credit of the ordinance control. When the Customer had maden the operations of goods receveing he automatically come in possession of it and he can't complain in any way. Kilton S.r.l. don't accept orders and/or errands by the Customer if in the customer's general sell condictions are scheduled forms of any kind pertaining to reimbursement, damages, damages belonging to a productive stop or various charges of any kind. The Customer who orders to the Kilton S.r.l. intend by tacit agreement that the Kilton S.r.l. selling conditions are binding and by tacit agreement nulled the Customer ones even if we have signed them previously. Eventual defects of materials, hidden imperfections, variances of dimensions, excess the normel manufacturing tolerances that can be seen at maden consignment will compel us to the replacement of the defective material at first as possible without the right of compenateing damages of any kind. Complaints will be taken into consideration only if the contested material turn out to be in Kilton's packaging. Differently because Kilton S.r.l. doesn't negotiate in exclusive,replicas relojes won't consider any protest even if the material presents any defect. Defective or mistaken size materials must be returned without expenses at the plant, and they will be accredited price invoice after ordination and check for the returned quality.
  8. RENDERING Goods rendering must be regularly authorised and goods must be rendered except different agreement. Rendering derived from the clear Customer procrastination won't be authorized.
  9. CONTESTATIONS For any contestations, no one outcasted, the competent site is the one on Milan.